Code SEO AI Keyword Category Meta Tag Generator

The full power of artificial intelligence (AI) coupled with your content to put your website on top of the search engines.

The pinnacle of all SEO strategies is to ensure all your content is represented with keyword phrases. These keyword phrases must be constructed from your existing content. The hard part is actually building all these keywords. Even for a small site, thousands of keyword phrases must be generated.

Now, you don’t have to build any categories, tags or keyword phrases. The Code SEO AI will do this for you for a very small monthly fee.

All plans start at just $9 dollars (USD) per month/ per 300 posts, pages, projects or products. If your WordPress site has more than 300 post types, we will send you a new monthly subscription for the remainder of the site content.

For example, if your site has 1,000 total posts, pages, projects and products, then the total monthly charge would be just $36 dollars per month.

Categories and keywords are maintained and updated until the monthly plugin license is cancelled. Once the license is cancelled, all categories and keywords will be disabled and removed from the site content until the plugin license is renewed.

Billed once per month until cancelled

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