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How to Make Use of Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

Whether you are a developer, entrepreneur, or business owner, you can make use of Amazon Web Services (AWS) to get your work done faster and cheaper. The cloud service provider offers a variety of computing and networking services that you can access over the public Internet. These include services for storage, networking, security, mobile development, and databases.

AWS is the leading cloud computing provider in the world. As of April 2019, it has more than 175 products and services available in its worldwide network of data centers. These products include basic storage to compute, as well as specialized niche services such as quantum computing. It is also possible to access AWS resources on a pay-per-use or pay-per-second basis. You can also reserve discounted pricing for three-year usage commitments.

AWS is widely used by a wide range of organizations, including large companies, small and medium firms, and startups. Its services range from specialized niche services to cloud-based email and gaming. Some of its customers include Netflix, Hulu, Twitch, Intuit, Hertz, and Reddit.

AWS provides a number of secure and highly-available services for customers, including identity management, backup, and monitoring. AWS is capable of scaling compute capacity to meet the needs of any application. The company has a team that continually monitors and manages its data centers. The company maintains a large partner network that includes 8,000 businesses and government organizations.

AWS’s Elastic MapReduce provides scalable processing of big data. Its face recognition service can identify objects in images and videos. Its cloud-based speech-to-text service Transcribe can provide quality transcriptions. Its identity access management allows you to create encryption keys and to maintain secure access to AWS services.

AWS’s simple workflow service helps automate your daily tasks. Its CloudFront web service routes software and end users to cloud applications. It also enables you to build and test your code automatically, with continuous scaling. Its Domain Name System (DNS) can help you keep your server and instance up-to-date as your workload changes. Its CloudTrail can record API calls and send backlog files.

AWS’s Simple Queue Service is a pull-based service that can be used by marketers, businesses, and developers to subscribe to messages and publish them. AWS’s cloud-based face recognition service called Rekognition can recognize objects in images and videos.

AWS also has a secure network of data centers, which are monitored on a daily basis. Its security features include a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement, a system-wide BAA, and continuous security measures. There are also paid support packages for AWS. There are over 190 countries that are currently using AWS and its services.

Many companies have moved all their IT operations to AWS. For example, Kellogg’s chose to use AWS to deploy its SAP promotion planning application. This application handles several dozen marketing simulations every week. It processes 16 TB of weekly sales data. It also uses AWS for disaster recovery and website rollout.

AWS has more than one million active users and is one of the fastest-growing cloud providers in the world. Its customer base is predominantly made up of startups, small and mid-size companies, and enterprises.

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