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WordPress SEO Only $399


SEO your WordPress website for only $399. Guaranteed!


WordPress SEO Only $399

WordPress SEO is everything! If you don’t have even the basics setup on your WordPress website, you’ll never be found. Nearly all WordPress websites lack any kind of proper SEO, and we here at CodeMilitant will change that for you. We want you to know how thorough our SEO scripting for your WordPress website will be, and provide you a list of what you would have to do yourself, or pay someone to do. Here we go:

  1. Proper header for each page, post, project or portfolio
  2. On target categories that match your content
  3. Keyword phrases that direct visitors to your content directly from the search engines
  4. Internal links by the hundreds, even thousands

As you can see from the short list above, the amount of time it will take to properly SEO your website can easily run into weeks worth of work. Even if you pay a digital marketing agency $500 per month, which would be a basic plan, they still can’t SEO your website as thoroughly as we can here at CodeMilitant.

Why only $399 US dollars? Because this is a price point that everyone can afford. That doesn’t mean the price will be $399 in the future, that’s the price today. If you have a WordPress website, and you use it to generate business online, then you will find this a very affordable solution that is 100% accurate.

Search engines use highly complex scripts and algorithms to rank your website, and properly list it. It only makes sense that you should use our highly complex script to maximize your SEO efforts.

If you prefer to have your WordPress website SEO optimized through the Upwork platform, please visit the CodeMilitant Upwork profile by visiting:

What this script will NOT do:

You’ll notice that the SEO script cannot manipulate your image file names, and that’s because the script has no idea what the image is in the first place. Even Google cannot figure out what your images are, and how they should be titled.

The SEO script is designed to significantly improve website search rankings, but it is NOT guaranteed to deliver the #1 Google search results for any given keyword phrase. The #1 Google organic search result is not achievable strictly through SEO. Google reserves the top search engine rankings for Google clients that pay for advertising through the Google Adwords program, regardless of SEO efforts.

The SEO script will not be loaded to the client website and continue to SEO optimize the client website. Future SEO efforts require this script to be run again, in the same manner, and for another fee of $399 US dollars, plus any additional hourly charges.

The script will not create keyword phrases or content for you. It is not the intention of this script to help create the website, only optimize what already exists. It is up to the website owner (or delegated representative) to choose the keyword phrases, and write the content that will focus the search engines on the topic the website owner has chosen.

The script will not create an internal link to the page it’s on, nor will it create links to images, audio, video or any external links. Internal links can only be created when there’s a match between a keyword phrase that is found in the content of one page, post, project or portfolio, and the title to a different page, post, project or portfolio that also contains textual content.

Conclusion and Guarantee:

CodeMilitant reserves the right to refuse any SEO project if the client is being reckless or disregards outlined precautions. The $399 US dollar fee can only be refunded upon proof the SEO script has failed to deliver improved results, and the designated website has been reverted back to it’s original state. The burden of proof lies with the client, and must offer such proof in advance of this SEO script executing. Any disputes will be settled by reverting the website back to it’s original state prior to this SEO script execution. Tom Heibel, owner of CodeMilitant, will retain all WordPress export files, and the client will grant, all access to complete the reversion back to the designated website’s original state. At that time, the $399 US dollar fee will be refunded. Additional hourly charges accrued for executing this SEO script are non-refundable. By accepting this contract, you agree to abide by all terms outlined in this offer.


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