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Why Are My Page Views Falling?

When your SEO is slipping away and your page views are falling fast, we have your back. Have you looked over your Google analytics and noticed your website page views are falling fast? Ever wonder what’s going on when you know your website has not changed? The answer is very complex, but I’m going to sum this up in a non-complex way so you can see why your WordPress website is falling off a cliff.

Search engine optimizations, or SEO, is very complex and it takes a steady stream of website updating just to maintain your WordPress website rankings. If your website hasn’t changed, you’re going to be left behind. Here at CodeMilitant, we update our website every month with new key phrases, new internal links, new headers, and updated content. Just writing a blog post for the best SEO is very difficult and time consuming. Understanding the basics can make a huge difference in how you rank, but that still won’t change the amount of time it takes to write a great blog post that people will see.

Here’s a very brief summary of what you need for a great WordPress blog post:

  1. The proper permalink settings
  2. A proper category
  3. A descriptive header that complements the category
  4. Post content that complements the header and category
  5. Internal links to any pages, posts, projects or portfolios matching your post content

As you can see, just trying to get this short list completed with 100% accuracy, is impossible. Even here at CodeMilitant, we use our own SEO script to optimize our website for the best possible chance at getting a first page Google ranking. Why use our SEO script instead of just following the SEO rules? Simple, we don’t need to spend all that time trying to get it right when we have a computer script that will do it for us. All we do is hammer out a WordPress blog post, and our SEO script does the rest.

So when you see your page views falling, it’s because either Google has changed their search engine algorithm, which they do often, or your competition is search engine optimizing better than you. They may even be using our WordPress SEO script.

How To Fix Falling Page Views

Seeing your page views falling is gut wrenching! You’ve spent thousands of dollars, or thousands of hours, or both, trying to get your website to the first page. So what should you do first to correct this disastrous course? First, don’t panic, we have a solution! Second, get your house in order by focusing solely on your key phrases, and finally, take charge of your website.

When you want more visitors to your website, nothing is more humbling than realizing you are a very small fish, in a very big ocean. It takes dedication and many command decisions to get you moving back up to the top. Fortunately for you, you have both, and you have found CodeMilitant. Like Marines on the battle field, we have your back, and we never leave anyone behind.

Focusing on your key phrases will help you focus your website. Remember, single keywords like, dogs or cats, will never get you near the first page of any search engine. However, good phrases with focused content will get you there. For example, don’t use “dogs”, use “black labrador retrievers”. Always use the plural, and never the singular. WordPress tags, or key phrases, should be plural. Never say “car” when you can use “cars”. The plural will always be found, but the singular could be missed. For example, if someone is searching for “chevrolet classic cars”, your website could be missed because your site is using the key phrase “chevrolet classic car”. However, the opposite works in your favor. If you’re website key phrase is “chevrolet classic cars”, and someone searches for “chevrolet classic car”, or “chevrolet classic cars”, you match! The “S” makes all the difference.

When you’re writing a WordPress blog post, you will see the “Tags” window over on the right side column, just scroll down a little if you can’t see it. By default, it’s listed under the “Categories” window in the right side column. It’s in this “Tags” box that you will put your key phrases. An example would be like this:

chevrolet classic cars, chevrolet pickup trucks, wordpress seo, wordpress blog posts, fast propeller planes, supersonic jet planes

Never use single words for your keywords! Always use phrases that focus your content on the subject. You’ll notice in the list of tags above, each phrase is separated by a comma. This comma denotes the end of the phrase. You may also notice that the same word is being used again, and again. That’s because you want key phrases that match what a visitor may search for on a search engine website like Google, Yahoo or Duck Duck Go. Notice that the common words are NOT separated from the phrase. Always use complete phrases, and never single words. Putting “chevrolet”, “wordpress”, or “planes” as it’s own separate key word will kill your chances of being found.

All search engines use a computer program called an algorithm to find your website. What is an algorithm? It’s a computer programming technique used to find a “pattern” match. In other words, the search engine computers do their best to find a pattern matching the user’s input. If you didn’t know by now, then you need to understand that computers rank your website, and not people. No one at Google looks at your website before ranking it. The Google algorithms (their computers), crawl your website to find your patterns, and match them to a user’s input (the search phrase). That’s why you never want to use single words because no one types in a single word. No one searches for cars, or trains or planes. They search for “chevrolet classic cars”, “diesel locomotive trains”, or “supersonic jet planes”.

CodeMilitant SEO Scripts

As you can see from this short blog post, this is not easy. That’s why after more than a year of development, we here at CodeMilitant can search engine optimize your website using our highly complex algorithms, for the best possible search engine rankings. When search engines are running highly complex algorithms to rank your website, you need to be sure you’re using our highly complex algorithms to enhance your website.

If you write new blog posts every month, like we do here at CodeMilitant, then you should consider having us run our SEO script every month on your WordPress website. When you consider your falling page views, the amount of time and money you will save, and the highly effective results you will get by doing so, the choice becomes a necessity.

Photo by Carlos Muza on Unsplash