Quadrupling Company Revenues

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For most companies, when COVID-19 hit, it was a disastrous curse. Brick and mortar shops were devastated and closed, but many of these same companies found a great blessing in the lock downs. These new found avenues of revenue became highly profitable and permanent.

In a previous post, “Your Website Is The Great Equalizer“, making the move from brick and mortar to online has been a dramatic profit windfall for many companies. Even companies that were struggling, like food delivery services, are now the “norm” in all cultures and reaping huge profits never before achieved before the pandemic.

Quadrupling company revenues means every detail of every file that’s loaded on a website must be analyzed and delivered in a timely and efficient manner. Inefficient sites are simply pushed to the bottom of search rankings, and efficient sites are the “top search engine rankings” sought by any company.

All companies seek “top search engine rankings”, but only the most efficient win the prize. The totality of building a top performing website is extremely difficult and time consuming. The struggle to stay on top never ends and must be constantly analyzed.

The slightest misconfiguration can push any website to the third or fourth page of any search engine. Diligence doesn’t begin to describe what it takes to get to the top. It takes a team of people, talented coders and the tenacity to sift through the sheer boredom of analyzing every file involved in generating a top performing website.

The importance of using “set it and forget it” programs, is the only way to stay on top. This “style” of coding is rare but required to endure in the long run.

CodeMilitant delivers the code you’ll need, many of it free of charge, simply by searching our website for various Bash, PHP and Python scripts, WordPress plugins and server configurations.

Need something specific? Need to solve a problem that seems impossible?

Code can do anything, and properly scripted, you can “set it and forget it”.

Hire me to solve your bottlenecks and watch your revenues quadruple!