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Coding Is Heroic
Welcome to CodeMilitant!  This site is devoted to the idea that as a community, we can take the Linux CentOS distribution, and the coding languages listed below, and make the web a much better place for all. This is a community driven website for dedicated professionals that want downloadable answers to their problems, from their fellow coders.  The disciplines listed below are all that we focus on here at CodeMilitant, and your membership helps everyone to advance their careers focused in these disciplines. Why the annual membership fee?  Because the downloadable answers are not easy to come by, and in some cases, have taken many months to develop, either by a single coder, or a team.  As you’ve seen on many community based sites, there’s no focus on a particular flavor of Linux, and there’s always an inappropriate discord in comments.  The membership weeds out those who lack the discipline, from the professional who just wants to get things done.