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Here at CodeMilitant, the goal of code should be to work autonomously, with little to no intervention from the user. This simple philosophy is the way code/computers should work for all humans.

This plugin comes with a lifetime license per website. A new copy must be purchased for each website domain.

This excludes WordPress Multisite. Only the primary domain for the WordPress Multisite requires a purchase (subject to change).

All updates are free of charge for life!

Wanna See How Well It Works?

The above validator is for the CodeMilitant SEO OpenGraph Meta Tag Generator product page. Notice there are zero errors and zero warnings. Perfect results!

This plugin exists because of the failings of all the rest. For example, the official WordPress plugin for OpenGraph meta tags, developed by Facebook, has been deprecated due to: “Licensing/Trademark Violation”. You can see this for yourself here:

SEO OpenGraph meta tags are required for first page results on any search engine, regardless of the website framework (WordPress, Drupal, custom), and failure to deliver the right meta tags means the site will fail in search engine rankings.

The CodeMilitant SEO OpenGraph Meta Tag Generator provides 100% of all OpenGraph tags available to put your site on the first page of any search engine. This includes your Woocommerce products, WordPress Multisite, and all WordPress tags!

Branding is vital to website success, and delivering your unique brand is what this plugin will do, even if the content is not properly formatted, your brand logo will always show in search engine results.

This plugin will not work with any other OpenGraph meta tag generators. There’s a long list of WordPress plugins that profess to be “SEO friendly“, and we encourage you to spend your money and try to “tune” their plugins for better results, or skip that brain damage and click the “Add To Cart” button.

To provide thorough search engine compliance for maximum SEO performance, just:

  • Buy
  • Download
  • Install
  • Activate
  • Fill in your social network connections (optional)

and watch your traffic grow.

After you purchase, download your copy of CodeMilitant SEO OpenGraph Meta Tag Generator.

  • Login to your WordPress admin
  • Click on Plugins >> Add New
  • Click the button at the top: “Upload Plugin”
  • “Select” the zip file from your Downloads folder, then click the button “Install Now”
  • Activate

Next (optional), go to your user profile (Users >> Profile) and you’ll see the following new fields (replace “username” with your social network username):

Parler Username: @username
Truth Social Username: @username
FreeSpaceSocial Username: @username
Instagram: @username
Twitter Username: @username
Twitter URL:
*** The card type, will be one of “summary”, “summary_large_image”, “app”, or “player”.
*** Learn more about Twitter cards here:
*** If left blank, the default is “summary_large_image”.
Twitter Card: summary_large_image (default)
*** Click on your Facebook page and the URL will be in the address bar. The Facebook username is case sensitive. For example, the CodeMilitant Facebook page is spelled “CodeMilitant”. The “C” and “M” are capitalized.
Facebook URL:
*** From FB page, click More >> About and scroll to bottom for page ID
Facebook Page ID: 1234567890
*** Once Pinterest confirms your website, please remove the confirm code below. Only the code is required, the plugin will do the rest.
Pinterest Confirm: 2963202a260cddd4c2c2ea3bd0ed8a26

All fields above are optional, and completely unnecessary for proper search engine indexing. Feel free to leave all of these blank and this plugin will provide maximum SEO performance simply by activating it.

Typically, this plugin will activate with no issues.

Q: WordPress fails to install or activate the CodeMilitant SEO OpenGraph Meta Tag Generator.
A: Do you have the WordPress permissions necessary to install and activate a plugin? In nearly all cases, only an “administrator” can install and activate a WordPress plugin.

Q: Still won’t activate?
A: Please deactivate other plugins first and try again.

Q: Can’t see the new fields in your user profile?
A: Only the user that installed the plugin will see these new user profile fields. Please be sure this is someone that will not be removed from the website. The site owner would be the best user.

Q: How do I reset my password?
A: Please click this “Password Reset” link. You must reset the password for the same email address used to purchase this WordPress plugin.

Q: I purchased as a guest, can I get a login?
A: Yes, using the same method as a password reset above. You must reset the password for the same email address used to purchase this WordPress plugin.

Q: Where’s the link to download the plugin?
A: You will find the download link on the checkout success page, or login to your account.

This plugin will “not” work with any other SEO OpenGraph meta tag generators. If the plugin you’re installing describes itself to be a search engine optimizer (SEO), then it will likely generate OpenGraph meta tags. In that case, you will need to delete the other plugin, or delete this plugin.

This plugin is running pure PHP with no javascript or CSS.

Please login and post any questions or debugging issues to the CodeMilitant blog post found here:


The only social networks that officially support the OpenGraph schema are Facebook and Twitter. This plugin makes every attempt to connect all your social networks, even if they’re not “officially” supported.