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SEO Only $399

Thank you for trusting me with your SEO. I built my SEO script because of the thousands of elements that had to be updated across my client’s websites. At first I had small scripts that performed a specific function, like adding keyword tag phrases to a post, but now I can optimize an entire website, and it’s extremely fast and effective. Turn around is usually less than 4 hours!

The process goes like this: You backup the WordPress database for the designated website. You send me a WordPress export file, I send you an updated import file and a small plugin that allows all content to be updated on the website. Wait about 10 days, and watch your search engine rankings climb across multiple keyword phrases.

You will receive a summary of all your existing headers, categories, keywords and their respective usage rank.

As you know, search engines rank websites using highly complex scripts that determine what the website is about based on headings, categories, keywords, internal links and the combined focus of all these HTML elements. It only makes sense that a highly complex script should be used to SEO a website. I wrote this very complex script strictly for WordPress websites, and simply because no human being could achieve the accuracy that my script can achieve. Imagine the hundreds of internal links you could have, but the amount of time it would take for an entire team of people to create them. The cost is too prohibitive, and because of human error, the results would leave hundreds of keywords with no internal links.

My SEO script will add headers to pages, posts, projects and portfolios when there are none present, add a default category, or add the highest ranked keyword phrase found in the content to the existing header. The standard category designated by WordPress during installation (Uncategorized), will have all posts, projects and portfolios removed from this nondescript category, and either the default category or the matching post category will be assigned to it. Each WordPress post, project or portfolio will have all categories, and all keywords added to that article if there’s a corresponding match in the content.

Any existing SEO hyperlink efforts on the website will be preserved, and only new internal links will be established. There’s no need to worry about your past SEO hyperlink content, my SEO script preserves these links, regardless of where they go, and only seeks to build new internal links based on a match between keyword phrases and the article content.

What’s required from you?

1) Backup, backup, backup! You must backup the database to the WordPress website BEFORE I will initiate this SEO script on the current content. Proof of backup is required. A screenshot will suffice.

2) A list of any keyword phrases you wish to “add” to the website. These must be at least 2 words in length, preferably more. Since search engines can’t SEO a single word, single words will be ignored by this script, and for best SEO results, should be removed from the website.

3) Keyword phrases must be found in the content, and in the title of other pages, posts, projects and portfolios. Keyword phrases consist of at least 2 words, and need to be present in the content of any given page, post, project or portfolio. Keyword phrases must be present for the SEO script to create an internal link, add header elements, designate the proper category, and add the keyword tags to the post itself.

4) An export of the WordPress website from the WordPress Admin menu. Tools >> Export >> All content

After I receive this export file, I run it through my SEO script after adding any keyword phrases that you wish to add. The keyword phrases you choose to add will become part of the corresponding page, post, project or portfolio based on that phrase listed in the content.

5) Install the small WordPress content updater plugin

6) Import the new SEO updated WordPress XML file using the WordPress Admin menu. Tools >> Import

7) If you lack the technical skills to perform anything in the above list, I can complete any of these tasks on your behalf, however, additional hourly charges will accrue to complete this list.

What this script will NOT do:

My SEO script is designed to significantly improve website search rankings, but it is NOT guaranteed to deliver the #1 Google search results for any given keyword phrase. The #1 Google organic search result is not achievable strictly through SEO. Google reserves the top search engine rankings for Google clients that pay for advertising through the Google Adwords program, regardless of SEO efforts.

My script will not be loaded to the client website and continue to SEO optimize the client website. Future SEO efforts require this script to be run again, in the same manner, and for another fee of $399 US dollars, plus any additional hourly charges.

My script will not create keyword phrases or content for you. It is not the intention of this script to help create the website, only optimize what already exists. It is up to the website owner (or delegated representative) to choose the keyword phrases, and write the content that will focus the search engines on the topic the website owner has chosen.

My script will not create an internal link to the page it’s on, nor will it create links to images, audio, video or any external links. Internal links can only be created when there’s a match between a keyword phrase that is found in the content of one page, post, project or portfolio, and the title to a different page, post, project or portfolio that also contains textual content.


Will your SEO script make me taller?

After reading the above, please tell me your concerns in the comments below.

Conclusion and Guarantee:

Because this is a very complex, thorough, and extensive update of the designated website, it is imperative that all steps be completed in a thorough and cautious manner. I reserve the right to refuse any SEO project if my client is being reckless or disregards the precautions outlined above. The $399 US dollar fee can only be refunded upon proof the SEO script has failed to deliver improved results, and the designated website has been reverted back to it’s original state. The burden of proof lies with the client, and must offer such proof in advance of this SEO script executing. Any disputes will be settled by reverting the website back to it’s original state prior to this SEO script execution. Tom Heibel, owner of CodeMilitant, will retain all WordPress export files, and the client will grant, all access to complete the reversion back to the designated website’s original state. At that time, the $399 US dollar fee will be refunded. Additional hourly charges accrued for executing this SEO script are non-refundable. By accepting this contract, you agree to abide by all terms outlined in this offer.

Tom Heibel
423 342 6300