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  • Code Meta Plugin Support

    This is the support post for clients and search engines. Please ask any questions you may have in the comments below. Must be a registered user to ask for support. If you’re not a CodeMilitant registered user, please download the free Code Meta plugin to register, then ask your question. Thank you!

  • Code Meta WordPress Plugin

    Code Meta WordPress Plugin

    This is the official page for the Code Meta WordPress plugin that generates the meta tags your site needs for maximum search engine rankings. This page is here to help support this free plugin, answer your questions and listen to your suggestions. This free plugin can be found here on the website: Code Meta…

  • Quadrupling Company Revenues

    Quadrupling Company Revenues

    For most companies, when COVID-19 hit, it was a disastrous curse. Brick and mortar shops were devastated and closed, but many of these same companies found a great blessing in the lock downs. These new found avenues of revenue became highly profitable and permanent. In a previous post, “Your Website Is The Great Equalizer“, making…

  • MySQL Performance

    MySQL Performance

    In my efforts as a server DevOps, understanding the programs a client is running is as important as understanding the Linux server itself. In most cases, the client is running a web app that requires a MySQL database connection. The notes below are often what I’ve recommended over the years. This is not a comprehensive…

  • Your Website Is The Great Equalizer

    Your Website Is The Great Equalizer

    When I started on Upwork, I had no idea that Upwork would become my marketing tool for greater and greater income. The idea that a third party website could be a benefit to my income never crossed my mind. This is the power of online business with no borders. I am not limited to a…

  • When All Else Fails Check SELinux

    When All Else Fails Check SELinux

    Wait! Wait! Before you start, check SELinux! Have you noticed that on a multitude of coding community sites, like Stack Exchange, Stack Overflow or Super User, there are always questions about ‘permission denied‘? This topic is so common, that it can discourage and dishearten anyone trying to finish a project. Often times, the first solutions…